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Personalized Learning

Students learn and practice at their own pace with 24/7 access to course videos and unlimited practice available through our licensed software.

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Created by experts, our course curriculum has a proven track record of providing successful abacus training to our students for decades.

Tools To Empower Students

With our original multi-sensory Abacus Mastermind software, students can practice and apply their learning, receive instant feedback, and accelerate their improvement.

Abacus Math Boosts Learning and Brain Power

Aside from high-speed mental math skills, studies show that abacus students also obtain:

  • Better visual and auditory memory
  • Higher IQ & Intelligence
  • Improved arithmetic scores
  • Heightened concentration
  • Improved self-confidence

"As a teacher, I see firsthand the effects of students not being adequately academically prepared. I feel blessed beyond measure to have been exposed to the teaching of abacus to my daughters."

Nina Wilson / Former K-12 Teacher & Professor at the University of Texas / Austin, TX

We help students around the world be better prepared academically by equipping them with abacus math, a powerful tool which develops strong math and learning skills. 


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Our Amazing Students

Skyler Johnson loves abacus because it helped him "for the first time get all A's on his report card."  Skyler was born with an auditory processing disorder and was struggling in school. After his parents enrolled him in our abacus program, his listening skills improved so much so that he can now capture numbers mentally and process calculations at super high speeds!


Winston Djonli loves abacus because it helps him stay sharp and confident at school. Because Winston was able to pick up abacus math at such a young age, he was already ahead of his peers at school and was able to learn math and read at higher grade levels.


Aidan Watson loves abacus because it allows him to feel like a champion and be rewarded for his accomplishments. Aidan logs on daily to our abacus software and completes a ton of homework so that he can earn prizes and see his name on our site's abacus hall of fame!


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