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Complete Abacus Mastermind Introductory Program [Lifetime Access]

Unlock your child's full potential and boost their brain power for life

What you'll get:

  • The Grade 10 Level of the Abacus Brain Gym course curriculum taught through over a dozen self-paced video lessons: ($780 Value)
  • Download and License Activation to use our Abacus Mastermind Software: ($200 Value)
  • Invitation to our community, facebook group, and student registration in our Hall of Fame database: (Priceless Value)
  • BONUS: Abacus Mastermind E-Book [FULL VERSION]
Software License and Membership will NEVER expire!

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What People Are Saying:

Please provide this precious chance to your children, believe me, you won't regret it.

Charling Bell - Abacus Brain Gym Parent

When people ask me how I memorize a twenty-five-page concerto (piano sheet music) in a very short amount of time, or how I come up with ideas so quickly, I tell them that I take Abacus class. It’s a great class that teaches you how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide immense numbers, but most importantly, it helps you develop a magnificent memory and superior concentration.

Rayhan Chang - Abacus Brain Gym Student

I am so fortunate that I made the right decision to put my daughter, Rayhan, in the abacus program almost a year ago. I knew the theory sounds great, and I was willing to give it a try to see if abacus training will make a difference in my daughter's learning skill. Soon after one level of abacus training at Abacus Brain Gym in Austin, I discovered that it had made a dramatic improvement on Rayhan's concentration skill and memory power. She used to have problems memorizing musical notes and the piano teacher had to spend over the entire session to remind her of just one simple mistake. Now, with the mental stimulation through image abacus, Rayhan can memorize 6 pages of piano notes easily and play without the notes in front of her. Correcting her mistakes can happen right at the moment when the piano teacher pointed it out to her, it doesn't have to take the entire session anymore.

Iris Chang - Abacus Brain Gym Parent

I worked (watched) with my daughter doing abacus homework for the first couple weeks and then, she started to finish it herself. I don't even need to ask her to do it. She has never been this aggressive on anything before the abacus training. She has gained more confidence than ever before!

Grace Chen - Abacus Brain Gym Parent

In sharp contrast to the previous absent-minded Steven, he is a lot more focused now and can concentrate on one thing for a long time. I owe all these to the abacus training class and ABG’s effective teaching methods. I hope more and more parents will realize the potential of the abacus brain training and let their children have this opportunity which they probably never had when they grew up.

Chun Wang - Abacus Brain Gym Parent

Since engaging in the program, we've seen improvements in our son's overall academic achievements, concentration & comprehension levels, memory power, reading speed, and overall confidence level. He is able to do more in less time and thrives in pressure situations.

Lanre & Michelle Adamolekun - Abacus Brain Gym Parents

After two years of abacus training, Nicholas is way ahead of his peers in many ways. Through the mental stimulation of image-abacus practice, Nicholas has the opportunity to synchronize his left and right brain and we think he may have more connections in his brain network than we do. We are very strong believers of the program due to the benefits we observed in Nicholas and we enrolled our second son Alan who just started kindergarten. Both Nicholas and Alan love the abacus!

Annie Gao - Abacus Brain Gym Parent

Of all the things parents have to worry about with their children, we now have one worry to cross off of our list. We are confident that with the abacus approach to math, our daughter will be more than adequately prepared in math. Abacus has opened a whole new world for our daughter. She has gained such confidence in herself and feels good about her accomplishments. She is able to track her own growth in math and push herself to get better. She is learning life lessons along with the abacus approach to math. She is learning how preparation leads to preparedness.

Curtis Wilson - Abacus Brain Gym Parent

Since both my husband and I are educators, we get a chance to see firsthand the effects of not being adequately academically prepared. We know that our students struggle in math nation-wide. We feel blessed beyond measure to have been exposed to ABG’s teaching of abacus to our daughter.

Nina Wilson - Former K-12 Teacher / Professor / ABG Parent

I tell my son frequently how fortunate he is that he is taking the abacus program. He has an amazing opportunity to develop his math and memory skills, creativity, logic and visualization abilities at a level that will be necessary if he is to compete in his future's global marketplace. There is a small window of opportunity that children have to take advantage of Abacus. I would not think twice about enrolling a child. I truly believe those children who don't take abacus are at a distinct disadvantage

David & Teresa Kuhn - Abacus Brain Gym Parents

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