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Skyler Johnson

Skyler says he loves abacus because it helped him "for the first time get all A's" on his report card. Skyler was born with an auditory processing disorder and was struggling in school. After his parents enrolled him in our abacus program, his listening skills improved so much so that he can now capture numbers mentally and process calculations at super high speeds!


Ethan C.

Ethan has been with us all the way and is currently now a grade 1 student! Ethan believes that abacus has helped him perform exceptionally well in school and he is also a top performing competitive swimmer!


Avaneesh Senthilkumar

Avaneesh loves abacus because it helps him stay sharp and confident at school. Because Avaneesh was able to pick up abacus math at such a young age, he was already ahead of his peers at school and was able to learn math and read at higher grade levels!

What Is Abacus Math?

For centuries, Abacus Math has been empowering brains and cultivating geniuses.

Abacus Math has been the tool of choice for learning math in predominantly Asian countries for hundreds of years. It has survived the test of time because it works. It works so well in fact, that children who are taught and trained with an Abacus are able to perform mental math at speeds even faster than a calculator, as you've seen from our student videos. ⭐

While other children struggle with tedious math calculations on paper using the traditionally slow and nonintuitive "school way", Abacus students are mentally calculating and finishing homework, tests, and assignments a lot quicker and with more accuracy. ✅ 

How It Works

Abacus Math training is extremely unique in that it is one of the very few exercises which stimulates and utilizes both sides of the brain to work together at the same time.

Your brain is divided into two hemispheres: the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is responsible for analytical and logical thinking. For most people, this is the only side of the brain that is utilized for calculating numbers and solving math problems. The right side of the brain is the creative and visual side, which has the capability to proccess information and make decisions quickly based off of your intuition and is also the side that is connected with your imagination!

Just like how you can close your eyes and imagine yourself relaxing on vacation at the beach, our students can imagine the abacus in their minds and manipulate the beads mentally in order to perform mental math. Through this imaginative process, these students are unknowingly activating their creative and intuitive right brain to work alongside their logical and sequential left brain in order to perform extremely impressive mental math!

The result? Well it turns out that when both hemispheres of the brain are in sync, the brain is at its best and operates EXTREMELY FAST. That is exactly why our students are able to perform mental math much faster than a calculator. That's the secret! Our training is not only a math program. Our training cleverly exercises and trains the brain to operate at peak efficiency and...

Unlocks Your Child's Full Potential! 🚀

When You Enroll In Learn Abacus Online,

You Get Full & Immediate Access To

The Entire Abacus Brain Gym Introductory Course Curriculum ($1440 Value) 

Through the course of over a dozen in-depth training videos, you and your child will be able to learn and experience the entirety of the Abacus Brain Gym Introductory Curriculum. (Known as "Grade 10." There are 10 Grade Levels total in the full Abacus Brain Gym Curriculum starting with Grade 10 and ending with Grade 1)

(Our traditional in-class students typically take this Grade Level over a semester or 6 months at a rate of $240/month)

Our Abacus Mastermind Software -  License & Download ($200 Value)

Over the years we have developed the ultimate learning tool to complement our training program and facilitate success and  growth in our students!

Our abacus mastermind software contains countless homework files which enable our students to learn and practice as much as they want in order to fully comprehend and master the skills.

The abacus mastermind software includes three modes of practicing homework:
  • Reading mode – which lists problems on the screen to facilitate visual processing and learning.
  • Flash mode – which flashes numbers to be calculated on the screen, which fosters development in the brain’s high speed processing power and memory.
  • Listening mode – which delivers problems strictly in audio format, sponsoring auditory learning, and developing auditory retention and processing skills.
Enroll your child in our program today and try out our unique learning software!

Our Community & Hall Of Fame! (Priceless Value)

When you choose to enroll in our program you will be placing yourself alongside a community of dedicated and committed parents who strive for only the best in their children.

We also have a unique annual on-going competition to motivate and encourage students to practice homework and boost their competitive skills! Students can earn points by submitting their completed homework on their Abacus Mastermind software and the top performers will show up on our daily, weekly, and annual Hall of Fame web pages! We find that this system highly encourages our students to practice more and more homework and they love checking our Hall of Fame page daily to see their name show up and their hard work paying off. (We also reward prizes to the top performers!)

Learn From The Best Abacus Training Program In The World

Abacus Brain Gym has been empowering children with Abacus Math for over 20 years. For decades, we have researched, refined, and developed the best curriculum to ensure that ANY child can achieve success.


Unlock Your Child's Full Brain Potential

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➜   The Grade 10 Level of the Abacus Brain Gym course curriculum taught through over a dozen self-paced video lessons: ($1440 Value)

   Download and License Activation to use our Abacus Mastermind Software: ($200 Value)

   Invitation to our community and student registration in our Hall of Fame database: (Priceless Value)


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