What Exactly is Learn Abacus Online?

Our Mission

We at Learn Abacus Online are focused on providing the most effective mental math training that will help children gain the best results at the fastest speeds by using a proven method that has been backed by history and the world's most advanced technologies.

In short, we have simplified the abacus math training process so that any child can achieve success!

Who We Are

We started out teaching the Abacus in our local town of Austin, Texas, under the name Abacus Brain Gym and have since expanded with learning centers across Texas, the U.S, and even globally in countries such as Indonesia, Qatar, and even Egypt! Together, we have been providing abacus training and helping children foster their brain power for over 20 years!

We launched Learn Abacus Online in order to reach and teach children all around the world about the abacus from the convenience of their home!

Meet Our Founder

Juli Agustar first discovered the abacus in 2001 when she visited Asia on her family vacation. There, she found herself amazed and impressed from observing kids who were taught and training in abacus mental math. She was able to witness these kids' incredible brain power as they were able to mentally calculate numbers at super fast speeds. She immediately began to research and visit the abacus learning centers around the world so she could understand the concept and teach her own child. It didn't take long before she discovered her passion for teaching and empowering kids with the abacus. Ever since, she has been determined and focused on serving children and parents compassionately through her abacus program.

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